Community Projects

Date: 02.04.2009

Setting Up of Security Guard Services

Due to the increase in Crime around our peaceful area, a gathering amongst residence were called to meet at the basket ball court on 13th Mar 2009.

The idea was to start a guard program for our area similar to those of nearby townships such as Bandar Utama, Damansara Jaya, etc.

Volunteers participated to help fan out the task firstly gathered feedback from residences around the area. Up till now the support has been tremendous, but we still hope for more households to participate.

A higher rate of participation is truly encouraged and will be beneficial for all. It will also help to spread the cost of guard services, which meaning making it MORE AFFORDABLE.

The targeted time to have this ready is by 1st June 2009.

Security Access Plan

To improve the security for our community and to enable efficient management, the accessibility to our area will have to be controlled. The plan proposed calls to for having only 2 access points into our area. These are possible through boom gates.

The Main Gate (MG), will he situated between house no. 37 ~ 39 of road SS 21/36 and house no. 20 ~ 22 of road SS 21/34. There will be a Gaurd house situated here that will be manned on a 24x7 basis.

The Side Gate (SG) will be located at the beginning of road SS 21/42. It will only be open for a limited time from morning until evening (proposed from 9am until 11pm). After which, it will be closed and access into our area can only be possible via the Main Gate.

Side Lanes (X) will also be closed with "Metal Barrier Poles". Those concerning lanes are
- between house no. 85 of SS 21/36, and no. 78 of SS 21/34
- between house no. 65 ~ 67 of SS 21/36 and house no. 58 ~ 50 of SS 21/34
- between house no. 15 ~ 17 of SS 21/36 and house no. 16 ~ 18 of SS 21/34

Private guard firms has been solicited to provide proposals and offers. We have not yet engage any as of now.

Security Subscription Fees

For budgetary purposes, the entire package to guard our community, is estimate to cost not more than RM 100,000 per year. Each household will have to pay RM 70 per month and collections will be made on a half yearly basis for an amount to of RM 420.

The guard proposal will have a;
- Static Guard, that is always permanently locate at the guard house of the Main Gate to man the point.
- Patrol Guard, that will on an regular interval patrol the key critical areas of our community compound

Participation Rate

There are a total of 177 number of houses within this community. From the initial survey today (latest 7th May 2009) those in favor to having our area guarded are 128.

They are from;

14 houses in SS21/42A, out of 17 [100 %]
61 houses in SS21/36, out of 86 [71 %]
27 houses in SS21/38, out of 34 [79 %]
18 houses in SS 21/42, out of 20 [90 %]
8 houses in SS 21/40, out of 20 [40 %]

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