Date: 20th July 2009

ALERT ! - Help Keep Look out on Road SS 21/36

The following was noticed by a resident that lives along road SS21/36 nearer to the side of the river on Thursday (16th July 09) evening.

Two Suspicious Non Residents walking up the road towards the "river" with bags over their shoulders and peering into cars. The guards were alerted and they responded immediately, but nevertheless by the time they arrived, these of two suspects were no where to be found.

For your information, the openings near the fences along the side of the river has already been mended using bard wires on Sunday (19th July 09) see article.

Nevertheless, potential intruders can still improvise and find new ways to make attempts into our area. Therefore, it is requested that all residents along Road SS 21/36, especially those living near the river, to help keep a watchful eye.

If any suspicious characters are spotted, please alert the guards immediately. The guards too will increase their patrol along these areas.