Date: 11.08.2009


from: Kings Field
date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 6:38 PM
subject: Recent break-ins in Bandar Utama Houses

Dear all

Just a note to alert you that there has been a recent spate of break-ins at the landed properties in BU

Two weeks ago, a friend's house in BU12 was broken into despite having a guard stationed at the entrance/exit in BU12. They have lived there for more than 10 years without any incidents.

According to the police, the modus operandi is the same with all the recent break-ins in the BU and neighbouring areas.

Robbers are Chinese - 3 men and 1 woman in this incident- very well dressed. Came in a stolen White Vios/Camry. Mostly come in 2 cars. They survey the area and as soon as the occupant leaves the house they will break in by cutting the auto gate/grills. If they are confronted by neighbours prior to cutting the grills, they will pretend to be friends visiting.

Once inside, they head for the kitchen drawers to check where the knives are. If any occupant suddenly appears, they will use the knives to threaten.
They wear gloves - so no traces of finger prints.

Within 20 minutes, they will clear up the house. If there are built in cupboards, they will top the bottom to see if there are secret compartments. All jewellery real or fake is emptied into a pillow case. Aged liquor, electrical stuff eg cctv, laptops etc will be cleaned out.

According to the police, the Chinese gang will not overturn the mattresses to look for hidden valuables whereas the Indian/Malay/Indon robbers will.

Two days after this robbery, they came back to another house two roads down. However the ronda guard was alert and asked them what they were doing. They said they were friends visiting but the guard said that was and Indian house after which they fled. They crashed through the guard depot but the guard managed to fling something to break their back windscreen.

Another friend told me that similar robbers broke into their bungalow in Taman SEA - behind the Eng Seng Heng shop by climbing over the fence and same tactics were used. In this case, the maids were home and got tied up while they ransacked the house.

The police have not been able to catch them.

Hence please alert our guards that however well dressed visitors may seem to appear, they have to be extremely alert and follow our SOP as it's getting harder to spot the villians.


A DU Resident.