Community News

Date: 15.10.2009

Outcome from Hari Raya and Moon Cake Festival gathering

On 3rd Oct 2009 (Sat), the Hari Raya and Moon Cake Festival community gathering was a success.

A member of our community that participated in the event that day quoted, "the food was pretty good and there are good news too. Our guest of honor, YB Dr Cheah mentioned that he was going to contribute another RM2k to us !!"

The weather was kind and the food was sufficient for all (view photos below). No objections were received when the proposal to permanently fence up our side lanes were put forward.

Donations received from the residents on that day was RM1,062.

During the evening, the children had plenty of fun with the lanterns and candles (view photos below).

A member of our community quoted "not bad at all!!. Overall, everyone had a pretty good time", while another added, "the kids had a pretty good time, and they refuse to leave the playground that night".

The organizing committee wish to thank all those who participated for their support.

Our sincere appreciation and gratitude goes to YB Dr. Cheah and team, and to the Police Force from Balai Polis Damanasara Utama.

Makan Time (pictures contributed by Rashad Prashanth)

Lantern and Candles - Fun time for the kids (pictures contributed by Dr. Shanil).