Community News

Date: 06.01.2010

Act of Vandalism in our area - take notice

We have received feedback from of some our residents that white paint was being sprayed onto their property recently. Upon inspection, it was determined to be true and we've found the similar white paint stain also on our own side lane gates. See pictures below.

All this happened on 5th Jan(Tues), and probably in the evening.

The motive for this vandalism so is not clear and it might occur again. We suspect that the culprit is possibily an outsider.

As an immediate action, all the 3 side lane gates will be closed permanently from today onwards. Only with the exception to the gate nearest the Pasar Malam, which will be opened every Thursday to provide convenience of access for the residents.

Be alert and help keep a look out on the street of SS21/36. If the culprit is to show up again, alert the guards immediately.

* The volunteers are concern on the having the sidelanes permanently closed causing inconvenience to many. Appreciate that you can give us your opinion by taking the polls below.

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