Date: 11th April 2010

Residents' Experience at DU Zone C

(excerpt from DUROA Zone C Blog)

- Resident Experience -

Hi All,

My name is R. K. Pany and reside at SS 21 /XX

I am a member of the DU Zone C “security committee” and the street rep for 21 /XX together with Mr Thomas XXXX

I have been a proponent of having security barriers and guards as a deterrent against thieves.

However, I have gone along with the view of the majority of the committee and residents that the neighborhood watch and patrol is a better alternative.

I am seriously questioning the validity of the effectiveness of the neighborhood watch and patrols.

Here’s why !

1. Since we started the neighborhood watch / patrol together with the police at the end of March, there has been an increase in the number of reports of theft and incidents in Zone C of the DUROA website.

I put it down to mere coincidence until I became a victim.

2. At 11.15 this morning ( 9 April 2010), I received a frantic call from my 13 year old son who was preparing to go to school. They were waiting in the hall with the door open. The gate was closed.

He informed me that 2 Indian men had jumped into my compound from the negihboring house. My two sons (aged 13 and 4) and my maid were at home.

They brandished a knive and a screwdriver and warned them to sit quitely. While one of the thieves stayed down to watch over them, the other went upstairs to the master bedroom.

To cut a long story short, they left with 2 laptops and some jewellery. I am very thankful that no harrm came to my children.
Upon hearing the news, I rushed home and called Insp Thomas. To their credit, there were about 8 police men at my house – uniformed and plains cloth within about 10 mins.

A Corporal Zainal did a preliminary investigation and asked me to file a police report at the DU Balai. Despite their best efforts, I doubt the police will be able to catch the thieves and/or recover the things as it would be after the fact.

Even if they did, it will take a long time for my two young children to overcome the trauma of being threatened with a knife at their throats !

The point I putting across is that the Security Commitee and the residents who preferred a neighborhood patrol over having the security barriers should re-think their objections.

It is all well and good to boast about our efforts thru community policing.

It serves no purpose whatsoever when you fall victim and be violated.

Remember it can be you or your loved ones the next time.

I would be grateful if Zainuddin can help me post this email on the DUROA website.

Regards and be vigilant

R. K. Pany

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Firstly, Mr Pany, sorry for the ordeal your sons had to go through.

I myself had to go through a similar experience.

I live at SS21/XX, along the BP road.

On the 2nd of April, my mother and 4 month old daughter were robbed at knife point right in our living room. Both were deeply scarred by this event, more so since this is the 2nd incident for my mom.

We live in fear, and I feel now, more so than ever we must be proactive.

Reading from this blog, to whom I was kindly introduced to by Mr Zainuddin, I am aware that the other areas already implemented guarded security in their areas – Zone A, B1 & B2, leaving our Zone C vulnerable to these crimes.

I would like to propose that the security comittee kindly look into this guarded security proposal ASAP – and I won’t just say that and sit back. So pls let me know what we can do to get this moving…
1) Setting up a system to collect the money?
2) rallying residents?

I believe it will be easier now to convince more residents to join our efforts, based on the escalating crimes happening in the neighborhood lately.

Most of the residence are those who leave elderly parents and young children at home while trying to make ends meet at work. We need to be able to do this with a peace of mind.


April 8, 2010 by duzonec

Yesterday (April 7) I received two bad news from two residents.

In mid afternoon, I received a comment from one Vicki Lee leaving along Jalan SS21/XX, whom have loss a car; stolen in early morning right in front of his house yesterday. You can read the details which I have posted on our website.

Around 1.30 pm, I received a distress call from one of our RT Committee members, Miss Jeeva, informing me that her house along Jalan SS21/XX has been broken into. She was still at her office when she called me. Her old age mother was alone in the house when two thieves broke into her house by cutting the ear lope (where we place the heavy duty lock) of the gate and the front grill lock. Her mother was slightly hurt when the thieves beat her, but manage to escape and run to her relative house along Jalan SS21/XX for help. That is when Miss Jeeva gets to know the incident and call me. It took me 3 to 4 minutes from my house to arrive at her house and the police was already at the scene of the crime, but the thieves have long made their escape. Meanwhile, Miss Jeeva arrived 3 to 4 minutes later.

In one week, I have heard of five cases (2 daylight break-ins, 1 stolen car, 1 car window being smashed and 1 petty theft of stolen shoes and drain cover). So please be on alert and report immediately to the police of any suspicious characters. I append here again the phone numbers of our police officers at Balai Polis Damansara Utama, and please safe it in your mobile: