Year End Gathering with your ADUN, Dr. Cheah Wing Yin and Buffet Dinner

Date: 28.12.2010

Year End Gathering with your ADUN, Dr. Cheah Wing Yin and Buffet Dinner

The event jointly organized by Pusat Perkhidmatan ADUN D.U and DUROA Zone B2 (click here to view details), was a SUCCESS. There was a strong turn out even though the weather was not so favorable that day.

Despite all the challenges, ADUN D.U YB Dr. Cheah was present and stayed on over the entire duration of the event.

DUROA Zone B2's Chief, Mr. Tan kicked off the event with an update speech on the happenings in our community. Topics brought up were;

a) About our Security Program
Despite being well organized and guarded, we had 3 break-ins over the period. This was clear that on top of having a security program alone, we also need to do "Community Policing" (click here to find out more about this).

b) Announced the new Phone Number to our Guard House
010 235 9755.

c) Seek ADUN's help to

  • request the authorities to put up landscape lighting (click here for details) in our Padang to make it bright at night but not glaring like the current lights we have at the basketball court.
  • request the authorities to fence up the plot of land along the river, near the back lane of road SS 21/42A, because it the weakest link for our security program.
  • request the relevant parties (e.g. LDP) to put up Sound Barriers according to standards of those in Developed Countries, to necessarily bring down the noise level from the highway that are affecting residents along road SS21/42.

Following after that, the Special Assistant for Pusat Perkhidmatan ADUN D.U Mr Richard Yap delivered a speech prepared by YB Dr. Cheah himself.

The performances commenced once the rain was about to subside. It started with the Face Changing Performance and then followed by a Magic Show.

Overall, it was a very good evening and most of us had a splendid evening.

Thank you YB and his team for organizing such a gathering. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.