DUROA Protest on LDP Congestion

Date: 30.04.2012

DUROA Protest on LDP Congestion

27th Apr (Fri),  The day was DU Resident's 427. In unity, we have staged a protest to voice their our right to Litrak for the inconveniences caused by the road design and traffic diversion, due to the opening of DU-TTDI Interchange.

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Just like any mature society, residents of DU voiced their opinion in a civilized manner to Litrak. They've also gathered to hear Litrak's point of view on the road design and diversions. 

Well all this would not be necessary if during the design and implementation stages of this interchange, DU residents were actively consulted with. There were only one briefing at the beginning before the construction, but no follow through later on.

We hope this will be a good starting point to all the infrastructure projects to come to that stakeholders will have an active involvement in it.  

If you that have missed the action on that day, here are some pictures and recordings on that event.

(initial discussion with MBPJ)

(members of the press)

(briefing given by Litrak's Head of Engineering)

(huge turnout)

(DUROA's Chinese press briefing)

(DUROA's English Press Briefing)

(Residents discussing with Litrak's personnel)

(Final gathering and briefing by Litrak to the Press)