Intruder apprehended by our guard

Date: 25.05.2012

Intruder apprehended by our guard

We have very brave guards. In the morning of 23rd May (Wed), the leader of our guard squad Mr. Parminder, apprehended an intruder in our area at 4 am.

The suspect came in a car of 4 people. They have attempted to enter our area from the main gain but was stopped. They then drove close to road SS21/42, parked their vehicle, and trespassed into our zone by foot.

The sound of consistent dog barks alerted Mr. Parminder to go and investigate. Doing so, he confronted the intruders and while they were attempting to flee, he managed to catch one of them (see picture below).

The police were alerted. They came and took custody of the apprehended suspect.