Sound Level from LDP Exceeding DOE Standard

Date: 22.05.2012

Sound Level from LDP Exceeding DOE Standard

It is possible from this picture here that the Sound level from LDP has already exceeded the standard set of DOE.

The picture above was taken by a resident of ours during the presentation made by MRT Corp and MGJV. The sound study was conducted recently by an accredited consultant.

Notice the Leq Night at around 63dBA. DOE's guide line is less than 60dBA for Leg Night (see link here and also snapshot below).

If we compare this with Europe and other developed countries, the Leq requirement is below 50dBA (see link here).

As we move forward towards becoming high income society and city, it is good time that high quality sound barriers (e.g. pictures below as illustration) be installed instead of only the 9 ft masonry.

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