Community News

Date: 24.10.2009

New Guard House and Fences closing the side lanes

You may have noticed lately that there were fences installed on all the 3 side lanes leading into our area. These fences will act as a barrier to prevent intruders encroaching in by foot. The proposal with its intended benefit was highlighted in our posting dated 31.08.09.

There was a 97% vote,obtained from our own online polls dated 17.09.2009 in favor of having this being set up. So on the 3rd Oct gathering this initiative was officially commenced.

Also, in conjunction with this fencing, a 2nd guard house was build at the gate along road SS21/42.

Though this are a few small actions being taken recently, but progressively moving forward in such a way, it is a huge leap toward making our community one of the best community to live in.