Date: 12.01.2010

Expiry of Security Membership Tag and Vehicle Pass

The membership gate tags and vehicle passes (i.e. stickers on your car) for our 1st term security subscription will expire on 24th Jan 2010.

New ones valid for the 2nd term will be distributed to you this Saturday, 16th Jan 2010 at the "padang" from 9 to 12 pm.

The session will coincide with our monthly Recycling for Sinking Fund progam. Please help to contribute by bringing along some of your old newspapers as well.

New (2nd term) vehicle passes

The new vehicle passes will be handed out in exchange for the old ones. This swap will be for a 1 to 1 exchange example, if you bring 4 vehicle passes, we will return you 4 new ones for the 2nd term.

So, please remember to bring your old vehicle passes.

Security, reason for the change

To minimize the risk of our identification (your car passes) being copied or stolen by potential intruders, we will have to regularly make changes to its design.

Our guards has been informed on this change.

For Members with subscription pending unpaid, please contact your street representatives or volunteer committee to hand in your subscription as soon as possible before the expiry date. This is to avoid any inconveniences at the gate with the guards.

For New Members, if you have already signed up for this, please come this Saturday to collect your passes and tag. Also, it will be a good chance for you to get to know your neighbours.

If you have not done so, then we will look forward to your participation and support.

(Picture of the new security gate tag)