Brother John Burger @ Damansara Utama (Uptown)

By word of mouth we heard that this Burger stall is one of the best in Damansara, so good that their business beats the McD restaurant situated right opposite.

The stall should be easy to find as it is opposite the Damansara Uptown McD restaurant, and in front of Restaurant Bee Fatt. Bon Apetit!


uptown burgeruptown burger-1

Gourmet Burger or Street Burger? Sorry, but I’d take a messy, sloppy burger with overflowing juice that leaves my shirt stained, especially on days when cash runs low.

KampungBoy’s friend, Sehli introduced us to Brother John’s burger sometime ago and there is no turning back. It has remained as one of our favorite burger stall. The secret lies in the generous squeeze of various sauces that make the burger so juicy.

If you are game for something HUGE, go for the Master Burger that comes with double patties, double cheese and an egg.

It was entertaining to watch the chef in action. First, Bro John’s help sliced the patties into half, and he would add some chili powder, pepper and mustard between the sliced patties.

The patties and cheese were placed on top of the fried egg and more chili powder, pepper and soy sauce was added to give it more flavour. The egg layer was folded to wrap the patties completely. The last step calls for a crisp bun with the usual vegetables. Assemble everything together and ta-da!

Featuring a meaty beef patty, a melting layer of cheese, a crepe like layer of egg and assorted vegetables, all slathered in the richest mustard and mayonnaise dressing, the burger is probably one of the messiest and ugliest ordeal I’ve ever seen. There’s no better way to eat a burger other than holding it with your hands and sinking your teeth into it. The mustard and mayonnaise dressing gives the burger a juicy texture, while the patty with the perfect thickness delivers an appealing burst or flavor and seasoning. It is the ultimate comfort food.

Have you got your dose of Ramli Burger? Brother John’s burger stall is located outside Restoran Bee Fatt, Damansara Utama.