Date: 23.01.2010

New Vehicle Pass (Car Stickers) exchange delayed, and until further notice

Following our announcement on 12th Jan '10 about the "Expiry of Security Membership Tag and Vehicle Pass", we are proud to announce that the distribution of the new Gate tags has already been accomplished. It is now encouraged that all members display their new gate tags soon (see article, Display of Gate Tags essential in helping with security).

But nevertheless and with regret, the exchange for the new Vehicle Passes (i.e. 2nd term) could not be realized on time. This was due to the delay in printing by our subcontractor.

The printing work took longer time than expected due to the our requirement to have its design improved. Yes, we have a better looking Vehicle Pass now. You would also notice the same improvements with our new Gate Tags too.

As for now your current Vehicle Pass (see insert) is still valid for the time being until the new ones are ready.

Once available, the volunteers will distribute them to you soon.