Wonder Milk

Address: No. 41, SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

Contact : 03-7725 8930

I have never been here before but from the outside, it looks catchy and tempting. The Cupcakes seems to be good here.

A sweet cup cake with a latte is best!

Today we were having our lunch at Wondermilk Cafe, Damansara Utama. Having admired their website & cupcakes design, at last I have an opportunity to visit the place.

Wondermilk is most known for their cupcakes which are beautiful and adoring. My friend said their taste was delicious and irresistible too.

For me, yes the cupcakes are cute and interesting. Of course when the presentation is nearly perfect, design + taste + packaging + environment + services, the price will be a little bit expensive. But I never fail to buy myself four maxi cupcakes with the price of RM17.00. wow!!.... nevertheless, it is ok to indulgence ourselves right (sometimes)?

The environment is super cool. I like the interior design of the café. It’s a little bit artistic in an old fashion way. They have different set of tables and chairs which make me stop and decide where we shall sit. The details decoration & ornaments make the café more welcoming and warm. I love it so much.

Apart from cupcakes, they have foods such as sandwiches, baked potato and chicken wings.For today, I got myself Mr Egghead Sandwish (RM 5++) & Pineaple drinks (RM7.00). (It’s not enough for me doh. Huh)

Just be there if you want to taste their cupcakes and experience a different side of a lifestyle.

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