1st Annivesary

Coming this 13th March 2010 marks the 1st year anniversary for the start all these initiatives for the community.

Although the official launch of the security program was on 30th May 2009 by YB Dr. Cheah, see Launching of Security Program by ADUN YB Dr. Cheah, the real initiating session started with the first gathering on 13th March 2009. Then onwards, it took the 2 months of planning and effort order to have it realized.

This first gathering was held in the evening of Friday 13th March 2009. It was our basketball court see article, Setting Up of Security Guard Services.

Today, many things have changed.

In terms of security and safety, we have passed a few critical festive holiday season with '0' incident. Though there are a few near misses, highlighted below, our area have been '0' crime ever since.

Near Misses
- Attempted break in at 2.15 am, on 23rd Jul '09
- Robber detained by guards and handed over to police, 1st Aug '09
- Guards chased away suspected thieves, 18th Aug '09

Besides security, there were also a couple of community gatherings and few projects accomplished during the 1 year.

Residents are able to go out for walks in the evening without the need to carry golf clubs and steel rods.

Priceless of all we think is that the neighbors know each other better. This no doubt this carries more value than the amount paid for the security program alone.

What do you members think or have to say for about this? Please write to us your comments at

Coinciding with this too, DUROA too will be hosting a Community Event, see DUROA is hosting a 1-MUHIBBAH DINNER. It will be good that all members can participate.