Fallen Tree Damage Security Gate

Date: 18.07.10

Fallen Tree Damage Security Gate

17th July (Sat) - Strong wind and rain on the night of 16th July (Fri) caused the following incident to happen.

A medium size tree fell and hit our Security Gate at road SS21/42. This damaged our Security Gate, Fence and Boom Pole.

The incident happened at around 11 pm~12 am. Our guards immediately notified the responsible volunteers on the incident.

The following morning on 17th July (Sat), MBPJ came and cleared the mess. By noon, the entrance was accessible again.

The repair of the damaged Gates and Boom Pole will be costly. Nevertheless, thanks to the funds collected from our monthly Newspaper Recycling, we should be able to cover this without the need to solicit extra from our members.

The tree was infested with Weaver Ants (Kerrenga). These workers had a difficult time to clear the mess that day. See that in this photo they were scratching.