Damaged Boom Pole

Date: 28.11.2010

Damaged Boom Pole

The incident happened in the evening of 15th Nov (Mon) at around 9.20pm.

Record No. 21026 - taken by our guard on duty.

A lorry entered our vicinity, and while on the way out, the top part of its carriage knocked on the pole of our boom gate.

Our guards bravely attempted to stop the driver, and informed the volunteer committees available that day to immediately come by for help. The Lorry Driver almost had a brawl with our guards, but on noticing the presence of the volunteers, he started to tone down.

After the commotion, the driver admitted his mistake and promised to have our boom pole repaired.

Below are pictures taken on the following day showing the damage.

One week after and with no sign of the Lorry driver making good of his promise, the committee decided not wait but proceeded to go for the repair using our own contractor instead. The repair will cost RM 800/= and it will be coming from our coffers.

As a temporary measure while waiting for the repair to complete, a light weight pole has been installed as substitute. It will not be a pleasant sight for the moment. Do bare with it for a while.