D'Tandoor Damansara Utama


D'Tandoor Damansara Utama

This is quite a nice restaurant that I use to visit.

Article extracted from the blog of Simon Says

A few weeks ago I went to D'Tandoor to utilize my Groupon voucher that I bought about a month before. That day I went there is the last day the voucher is valid. The deal is RM20 for Northern Indian Banquet Dinner consists of 13 dishes for 1 person in D'Tandoor, normally it will cost RM39.90 but I only paid RM15 because I used my Groupon RM5 token for discount.

D'Tandoor is a popular restaurant serving Northern Indian cuisine. It's quite different from the local Indian food because most of our Indian food here in Malaysia is based on Southern Indian.

Even though the voucher wrote dinner but actually lunch also can redeem. Started with appetizers consists of 3 dishes. Samosa, Tandoori Chicken and Vegetable Pakora (Mildly spiced vegetable dipped in gram flour and golden fried). My favourite here is Tandoori Chicken. The meat is still very juicy and smooth unlike tandoori chicken that I ate in some mamak restaurant which grilled the chicken till too dry losing all the meat juice.

After that the mains are one. OMG, all this food can feed 3 persons. These is only part of the whole 13 dishes, there are more coming. One thing I noticed about the different local Indian food here and the Northern Indian food is that the former prefer coconut milk while the latter likes to use cashew nuts butter in their curries.

In D'Tandoor, you'll see in their menu stated no MSG and no ghee. They use butter instead of ghee. The mains are beef jal Frezy, butter chicken, and masala fish. There's also a mixed vegetable in creamy butterish sauce. To eat these dishes there's plain rice, briyani rice, plain naan and garlic-butter naan.

I love the naan here. The thickness is just right. It's not too thick as if you're eating into flour, there's still crispiness intact. Even if I eat it on it's own it's already very good.

The rice here is very good too. The Indian rice is used for the Briyani and plain rice here. It's a bit longer than the Thai rice we usually had here. It has quite a different aroma and texture, which to me it's very good. I wondered if the orange colour is because of saffron.

Butter chicken is my favourite. I didn't feel jelak at all when digging into it. Goes very well with the naan and rice.

This mixed vegetables dish has diced green peas, carrots, corns, button mushrooms and pineapple. The pineapple really helps to maintain my appetite when I was too overblown by the three other meat dishes.

I don't know why but fish cooked this way is my least favourite. It tend to make the fish too soft. It is worse when it gets cold. Not for my taste bud but it's still not too bad.

Ah, the beef jal Frezy is quite good too. Not the normal beef curry or rendang found in the mamak restaurant. Those will make eating the mutton quite jelak. The beef here is cook in a way that is not too overwhelming. Nice.

It's a miracle that I was able to finished all the dishes. Lastly they served dessert, Gulab Jamoon, Milk Dumplings deep fried in oil and soaked in rose scented sugar syrup. Sigh, Indian dessert is never my kind of thing. From my calculation, there were only 12 dishes served including dessert. Where's the 13th? Or I miscalculate? Oh, I think it's because I get two pieces of Vegetable Pakora. That will make it 13.

Oh well, never mind, I won't have room to fit another dish if there's one. If you like to try many of it's dishes. Such a nice meal and I only paid RM15 for it. These group buying sites should have opened earlier, we are like 10 years late as compared to Taiwan.


Jalan SS 21/62,Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7728-2020
Mon – Sun, 11:30 am – 10:30 pm, Halal.
(If not mistaken, they have shifted from Jalan SS21/60 to Jalan SS21/62, facing Sprint Highway because I follow the old address and can't find them. I have to make a round to spot their outlet)