12 th Term Security Subscription Due by 1st Dec 2014

We already started the collection for our 12 th term Security Subscription.

Please support this program by having your payments made timely to the street representative nearest to you. Thank you.


Our 65th Recycling event will be HELD on 16th May 2015 (Sat). Visit Event Calendar for details

Insentif Pasukan Keselamatan Kejiranan Petaling Jaya (PKKPJ)


Event Launching by MBPJ for Pasukan Keselamatan Kejiranan PJ (PKKPJ)

27 July, Thurs:

MPBJ launched the event at the Civic Center PJ State. All zones were presented with an incentive to kick start a community based security program supported by MBPJ.

More pictures on the event taken from MBPJ's Facebook site:

Further information (Garis Panduan), extracted from the event's information leaflet;