Suspected Bogus IWK Worker Harrasing Maid


Suspected Bogus IWK Worker Harassing Maid in our township

Last month, there was an incident that probably a bogus IWK worker was coming around to disturb the maid of one our of members. With hindsight, a complain was lodged to IWK and the following replied was given below (in Blue).

Our guards were already informed on this, but we request that all member to help take note. Do alert our guards again if the similar suspicious person were to appear.

We convey our appreciation to the member that brought this to our attention. Everyone in this community have responsible part to play in helping to make our community safe.

(Member's email)
Hi all,

I want to alert you of an IWK meter reader who came to my house at about 11.30 this morning (after I had left to work), rang the doorbell and tried to engage in conversation with my maid (usual nonsense like What's your name, I want to be your friend etc in both Malay and English).

Based on my maid's description - short, fat,  XXXX man with white hair, wearing a black and blue polo shirt and blue jeans, riding a blue motorcycle - I spoke to the guards who identified this person as a IWK meter reader. If this person is one of those who are regularly come to our neighborhood in the course for their so-called duties, I would consider this man a threat.

I intend to complain to IWK although I doubt it would make a difference. Anyway, do take note, especially those with maids and children at home.


XX, Jalan SS21/XX
(Reply from IWK)

Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 1:32 PM
To: IWK Communications
Cc: Abdul Rahim Abdul Jabar
Subject: RE: Complaint about IWK worker

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your feedback. It is most unlikely that it is our employee.

Our operations crew would be dressed in our corporate uniform (blue & green T-shirt or just blue jacket) with embroidery of our IWK logo and also possess an IWK identify card.

Moreover, we do not knock on doors unless there is prior appointment with the house owner. Our crew will also come in a van or lorry with IWK logo too, depending on the nature of the sewerage problem.

We would suggest you request your security guard to arrest this person immediately, if he cannot produce proper identification.

If you need further assistance, please call us at 03-58807828.