Caution: Robbery in Damansara Jaya Zone B

Date: 08.10.2011

Another robbery in Damansara Jaya Zone B

(information contributed by a member of DJROA)
Event Time: Wednesday Oct 5 2011 at around 11+am.

We had another robbery happened in our zone on Wednesday Oct 5 at around 11+am along road 27.  The lady of the house left to go to the market with the maid leaving no one in the house at 10.45am, returning at around 11.30am. In just a short 45mins, her house was broken into and robbed.

Attach is a still shot from our CCTV capturing the robber at guard post 1. They gave the exact address to the guards asking for directions to the house and saying they are going there to deliver a document. There were 2 Malays and 1 Chinese in an old dark blue Proton Putra WSW 5328.

What I found strange was that they have the exact address of the house that they want to rob and also they know that there is no one in. My guess is that another maid or construction worker, possibly one close to the neighbor’s, must have tipped off the robbers when they were seen leaving the house. They were even able to remotely open the gates of the house meaning they may already have the remote control’s code earlier.

The guard supervisor (Bihim Tiwari) was on his rounds when he passed by the house. He saw the gate open and the owner’s Honda CRV half way out of the driveway and there was that Proton car parked outside. At that point he was not aware a robbery was happening. He stopped to ask the driver sitting in the car who he was waiting for. The driver made a call and shortly 2 guys casually walked out of the house, one carrying a bag. They got in the car and left leaving the house door and gate open. Tiwari pressed the doorbell to inform the owner that the gate is still open but no one came out. So he walked up to the house and saw the mess in the house from outside.

Just then the owner came back to the house when Tiwari was still there. Sensing something was not right, the owner asked the supervisor to accompany her into the house. She found her house ransacked. Her safe box was also pushed out of the room. If not for Tiwari stopping to inspect the house as the gate was open with a car parked outside, the robbers would have had even more time to ransack the house. What is also weird is that they managed to move the Honda out of the house. Maybe they were trying to drive it away when it stalled because of the immobilizer. Valuable items were stolen. It all happened in a matter of few minutes. The police took almost an hour to arrive which was really bad. They just add to the stress of being robbed.

Once again I must emphasize the need not to take your home’s security for granted. You must always totally lock up your house securely whenever you leave. It only takes minutes to break into a house. What you need to do is to make it harder thus longer for them to break in. So the more locks you use the longer it will take the robbers and hopefully they will give up and leave. It can happen to anyone, including me. We must always look out for each other and be the eyes and ears for the neighborhood.