Deepa Raya Hi Tea Gathering, 2nd Oct 2011

Date: 10.10.2011

Gathering: Deepa Raya Hi Tea 2nd Oct 2011 (Sun)

On Sunday 2nd of Oct 2011, we had our Deepa-Raya Hi Tea gathering. This event was organized by our volunteer committee members, who are also residents of the area.

This is not the first time that we had such an event. Earlier, we have had;
1) 3rd June 2009, Launching of Security Program by ADUN YB Dr. Cheah
2) 4th July 2009, small gathering to gather feedback from residents
3) 15th Oct 2009, gathering for Hari Raya and Moon Cake Festival
4) 28th Dec 2010, Year End Gathering with your ADUN, YB Dr. Cheah with Buffet Dinner

We were honored to have our Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN), YB Dr. Cheah and his wife to be  present with us that day.

Our resident leader, Mr. Tan started the event with a brief speech, and then followed by ADUN’s representative Mr. Richard Yap.

In Mr. Tan’s the speech, he updated us all on the progress with our security program and also bank account standing.

Our security program Since its inception onwards, have managed to eliminate snatch thieves, and also minimized incidents of break-ins, and robbery. But nevertheless, it is not full proof yet as over the same period too, we have had a few untoward incidents.

Therefore, Mr. Tan stressed that residents must also need play a role in helping to keep our community safe. Relying solely on our guards and police alone is not enough. The safety of our area is also part of our own community effort. Neighbors must help keep a look out for each other.  

Our bank account Our main sources of income are from contributions for Security Guards Fees, * selling of old newspaper, donations, and sponsorships.  

*  Recycling old newspapers for sinking fund is part of our residents’ initiative. It is to raise funds for our community programs through selling of old newspaper for recycling. This event is held regularly on each 3rd Saturday of the month. To find out more, please Click here for details.

With responsible and prudent management, our bank account balance today is in a positive and healthy state (details account will be published soon).

Mr. Tan ended his speech by thanking everyone for their presence, and the fellow volunteers for organizing this gathering. He also express sincere appreciation to YB Dr. Cheah for being able to attend and grace our event. He reminded residents that we need to continue foster stronger community relationship, and also take the initiative to keep our neighborhood safe.

After the speeches, residents were invited for the buffet Hi-Tea and then onwards, to join in the fun sessions organized by the event organizers. We had air castles, magic show, and also a tug of war (tarik tali) competition on that day.

For donations received, ADUN gave us a RM2500 contribution, and collectively from our residents, we have received a generous sum with the highest single contributor giving RM 500.