Thorough Mosquito Fogging and Larva Seeding by MBPJ

Date: 29.10.2011

Thorough Mosquito Fogging and Larva curbing by MBPJ

On 22nd Oct (Sat), MBPJ and team headed by Mr. Lourdes came to our area to do Mosquito Fogging and Larva curbing.

After many many many many many, complains and grouses from the residents, Mr. Lourdes came to our a few times to survey the root cause. It was pointed at the IWK treatment plant.

For those of you that have missed the action, here are the video clips on that day. We do hope this would help solve our mosquito infestation problem.

Notice the prominent gentlemen talking in the video. He is Mr. Terence Tan, our Councillor for this area. For any other matters relating to MBPJ, you may contact him directly. He is reachable by, mobile +6016 634 1910 or email: We partly have to thank him too also for helping us with this..